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Please fill the booking form completely. In the message state your desired watersport equipment (type of kayak or paddleboard), rental period, and reservation date and time. Allow 24 hours for comfirmation.


Before you proceed please read these short Terms & Conditions:

1. Watersport equipment can be rented only by adults (18+) with a deposit of a valid identification document (ID card, passport, driving license).
2. Payment is in advance in Croatian kuna (HRK).
3. By signing of the Rental Agreement client alone also accepts full responsibility for any injury or damage caused during usage, including those to third parties and their property, as well as for any damage to the equipment, including theft.

4. Persons without the ability to swim are not allowed to use the watersport equipment, as well as persons under 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

Success! Message received.

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