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The Beaches

Most of our beaches are pebble beaches, while the seabed is mostly sandy or stone. Some  of the beaches are accessible by car, while others only by bike, hike or even only by boat. All the beaches that are not exclusively situated in the towns are also partly nudist, so most of the beaches exist as some mixture of nudist and textile beach, but there are also two nudist camps in the area - Bunculuka in Baška and  Konobe in Punat. For details look at the Baška & Southern Krk Map and Guide.

Baška - Vela Plaža

Baška - Vela Luka

Baška - Vrženica

Baška - Storišće

Baška - Dubna

Baška - Jablanova

Baška - Konjska

Baška - Mala Luka

Baška - Mali Raj

Baška - Bunculuka

Baška - Gnjilova

Baška - Rt Škuljica

Baška - Mrmna

Baška - Bracol

Stara Baška - Surbova

Stara Baška - Zala Draga

Stara Baška - Petehova

Stara Baška - town beaches

Stara Baška - Zaglav

Stara Baška - Oprna

Stara Baška - Drenova

Stara Baška - Ponikve

Stara Baška - Lišičak

Stara Baška - Mala Rajta

Stara Baška - Lokvice

Punat - Konobe

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