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Panoramic views

There are many great spots on the island with a magnificent view, especially at its southern part. Peaks and plateaus surrounding Baška Valley treasure some of the places with most astonishing views. From there you can see the rest of the island, but especially neighbouring islands - Prvić, Grgur, Goli, Rab, Cres, Lošinj and a coastal part of Croatian mainland consisting of mountain Velebit, Kvarner Bay and Istrian Peninsula. To see the panoramas click on a thumbnail below.

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A view to Baška Valley, Northeastern Plateau, Mt. Velebit and Island of Prvić
A view to Punat, Island of Cres and Islet of Košljun
A breathtaking view of Velebit Channel from Trike
A view from Veli Vrh to Punat Bay, Islet of Košljun, Island of Cres and Kvarner Bay
A view of Baška Valley from Prislivo
A bird view of the area of Kal - a jewel of dry stone architecture
A view to Diviška pond and Northeastern Plateau
A view of Stara Baška, Mt. Velebit and Islands of Grgur, Goli and Rab
A view to Mt. Obzova - the highest peak on the island
A view of Stara Baška
A view from Veli Hlam - Mt. Velebit and Islands of Prvić, Grgur, Goli and Rab
A view of Baška from Zakam
A view from the hiking path Diviška - Mala Luka
A view to Mala Luka Bay
A joint view of Mala & Vela Luka Bay
A view from the ruins of Corinthia located above Vela Luka
A view of Vela Luka from the ruins of Corinthia
A view from Rebica to Island Prvić
A view from Vratudih
A view from Bag to Baška and Baška Valley
A view from Bag to Mt. Velebit and Islands of Prvić, Grgur and Rab
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